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1. Monetizing Blogs and Medias

If products which were introduced in Staff Blogs are out of stock, the article about the products has no meaning.
In addition, many medias are struggling to monetize.
AI analyzes snapshots in articles and shows similar products to your company’s products or your clients’ products. In this way, you can monetize these articles.

2. AI automatically generates contents of articles into E-Commerce.

Category, Ranking or New arrivals…the way of suggesting products in E-Commerce is almost the same.
In the meantime, numerous fashion medias post a huge amount of articles every day in the world.
#CBK scnnr links E-Commerce with Fashion medias.
Fashion medias provide articles for E-Commerce. When these Fashion medias upload articles for E-Commerce, AI links snapshots in the articles with similar items sold in E-Commerce.
Once the item is sold, E-Commerce pays the Fashion media.

3. Fashion Coordinates Recommendation

AI suggests fashion coordinates to users per item.
For instance, if you apply AI, AI recommends fashion coordinates to users who are thinking of buying items on E-Commerce like shop assistants, “For these tops, these bottoms go well together.” Also, AI can send an email to users as personal marketing and say, “This bag looks perfect with the jacket you purchased the other day.”

4. Image Search

Many women are saving fashion snapshots or photos captured from Instagram or fashion magazines on their smartphones.
If the Image Search Function is installed with AI in E-Commerce, users can easily search and purchase similar items in E-Commerce just by uploading these snapshots.

5. Informatization of Products and Snapshots

AI assists your products registration on E-Commerce and information input when listing products on flea market apps.
AI supports you for the complete input of information by automatically registering or tagging categories.
For contents such as shop staff’s snapshots, by tagging (verbalizing) with AI, you can analyze user’s access logs. For instance, AI can reveal that “this user likes frills” from the user’s browsing history.

6. Customer Service with Digital Signage

Our Digital Signage can make Smart Mirror possible. Smart Mirror analyzes customers’ fashions who came to shops and recommends customers’ tops go well together with bottoms etc. Also, when customers are thinking of buying, they just hold items over the Smart Mirror, the Smart Mirror shows images of coordinates to encourage them to purchase those items.
AI provides a first customer service so that real shop assistants can focus on their highly valued jobs.

7. Security Camera Analysis

Security Cameras analyze customers’ genders, ages, expressions and fashions etc.
You can develop the accuracy of proper merchandising and the amount of stock by analyzing detailed trends such as hourly quantitative visits.

8. Fashion Trend Forecasting by analyzing SNS

AI analyzes all snapshots posted on SNS to learn fashion trends.
What kind of fashion items are popular now?
What is the difference in fashion trends from last year?
What is the trend of popular influencers who have many followers?
Which combinations do customers wear together with our company’s products?
You can use these AI analyses of numerous data so as to forecast trends and develop new products.

About AI

AI makes various things possible.

We have been tagging manually in #CBK since 2014

#CBK is a web service in which users can purchase similar products to the items that models or Instagrammers are wearing. We have been tagging the huge amount of snapshots by hand in #CBK since 2014 so that users can “buy similar products to fashionistas.”

AI has learned more than a million fashion images.

We have been developing our AI by approaching neural networks based on over a million fashion images for #CBK.
After 1.5 years of our research development, we have achieved the current accuracy of AI.

Even now, AI keeps improving the accuracy.

Fashion trends are very important for #CBK. AI needs to keep updating by inputting the latest snapshots to be more accurate.

#CBK created 2 AIs specialized in Fashion

He analyzes fashion snapshots.

Fashion Man

There are many items in one coordinate. Fashion Man recognizes these items immediately.
Fashion Man responds by grouping keywords per item such as #Denim jacket Blue #Gray Pants #White Sneakers.

Quick response to show results in real time.

After sending image data, Fashion Man responds in approx. 2 seconds.
You can also use Fashion Man for services which are required to respond in real time such as user-generated websites etc.

Fashion Man

Mika suggests fashion coordinates.

AI Shop Assistant, Mika

Mika is an AI girl who suggests “new items to coordinate with your item” within a few seconds. Mika keeps learning the huge amount of fashion coordinates of influencers. She can suggest you the best fashion coordinates according to the current fashion trends.

Mika can provide clothes for your favorite fashion.

You can select your fashion such as Girlish, Casual, Mode etc. Mika shows your favorite style flexibly. Mika is like a real shop assistant who can understand what you like and make suggestions.

AI Shop Assistant, Mika


You can try our sample AI by using LINE!

1. Scan QR code.
2. Add “Fashion Man” or “Mika” to your friends.
3. Post fashion snapshots on chat.


Our Customers’ Examples of Installation

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How to use

How to Install our AI

Providing API

We provide you with AI as API (Application Programming Interface). You can customize it freely and build AI into your services etc.
We recommend our API to developers who create systems or teams who have development partners with mobile power.

For API documentation, click here.

Application implementation

We develop Applications according to your sites.
You can easily implement AI just by installing a tag in a line such as ‘Image search function’ or ‘Fashion coordinates recommendation’ etc.
We recommend this service especially for development teams who need development resources.

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